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Serving Opportunities

Why Serving is Important

As we allow the Gospel to change our hearts, we will develop a deep care for other people. Our attention will begin to turn away from ourselves and to the needs of others (Galatians 5:13). A good measure of our spiritual health is our depth of concern for other people. Eventually, our hearts are so in tune with what Jesus is doing around us, He begins to use us to meet the needs of others.

Get Started Today

Help Serve

June 3rd-7th FBC is going on a mission trip to New Orleans, LA to help serve meals, clean up the community, evangelize, and serve where there is need. See Robbie and Becky Kroll for pricing and additional details.

We also have many opportunities here locally to help serve at the Pregnancy Support Center and in getting meals out to those in need. Call the office to find out more info and see where God would lead you to serve our community.